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Love and Charity

To all our readers and followers: we love your minds.

Thank you for your attention, support and action at our first Twitter Party!

We decided to make our Mycelia Party free to all during this period of economic uncertainty. For those who can afford to donate, would you consider supporting our authors for their work performing readings and creating videos for the party? The income will be split equally among the ten authors. 

Donation link: 

Hedera Felix CIC is a non-profit publisher, run by volunteers and supported by the loyalty of our readers and audiences. Without you, our authors would not get paid for their work. Thank you. We hope that you continue to find something seductive in Mycelia.

Programme for the Night

On 18 June 2020 on our page at, your hosts Richard, Simone and Pamela presented our first Twitter Party. The programme for the night was:

  1. Rachel Frances Sharpe – ‘Choreographed Metallurgy: A Short Response To Hevi Metle’ (Followed by a Twitter Q&A session)
  2. Rhiannon A. Grist – ‘Every Morning She Makes Him Anew’ (Followed by a live video stream Q&A session)
  3. Ely Percy – ‘Gillian the Voodoo Doll’ (Followed by a live video stream Q&A session)
  4. S.P. Hannaway – ‘Baby Trolley’ (Followed by a Twitter Q&A session)
  5. Gloria Gozi – ‘The Dinner Party’ (Followed by a Twitter Q&A session)
  6. Veronique Kootstra – ‘Before I Die’ (Followed by a live video stream Q&A session)
  7. Trahearne Falvey – ‘When They Come for Us’ (Followed by a live video stream Q&A session)
  8. Klara Kofen – ‘The Pomegranate: A Play’ (Followed by a live video stream Q&A session)
  9. Mauricio Montiel Figueiras – ‘The Animals’ (Followed by a Twitter Q&A session)
  10. Shane Jesse Christmass – ‘The Hecatomb of Hermosa Beach’ (Followed by a live video stream Q&A session)


Launch Party for SisM Issue 1 and Mycelia Issue 2

ROST, Glasgow, Thursday 29 August 2019

Author readings and visual art projections from work in Mycelia and screenings and other presentations from artists in SisM, along with performances from special guests.

Photos: Andrew McKenna.

Hedera Felix presents Mycelia at Cymera Festival

The Pleasance, Edinburgh 7–9 June 2019

Mycelia Issue 2 authors, Eris Young, Ely Percy, Katy Lennon, David McMahon, Daniel Pietersen and Bragela Hornal, and special guest, Mark Bolsover, performing a new work.

Photos: Richard Taylor.

Aye Write! 2019

Saturday 16 March 2019, The Mitchell Library, Glasgow

Mycelia Issue 1 authors Olive M. Ritch, Ever Dundas, Ely Percy, Jelle Cauwenberghs and Daniel Pietersen, along with a performance from visual artist Charlotte Arnhold.

Photos: Richard Taylor.