Weird, experimental and literary fiction and art


To share and disseminate the work of authors in Mycelia, we put together publication launches and get involved with literature festivals.

With an interest in the intersection of author readings and other modes of live-ness and visuality, our events are a mix of author presentations, live art performance, and screenings.

We have also been known to get attendees to play ‘reading games’.

So far we have launched Mycelia 001 at The Glad Café in Glasgow, and presented a range of live-ness at Aye Write! 2019 at The Mitchell Library.

COMING UP!! We are presenting at Cymera Festival in Edinburgh on Sunday 9 June. More details here.

We also have something special planned for launching Mycelia Issue 2

Below: Mycelia Issue 1 authors, Olive M Ritch, Ever Dundas, Ely Percy, Jelle Cauwenberghs and Dan Pietersen, along with performer Charlotte Arnhold, during our event at Aye Write! 2019.