Independent Publisher | Est. 2018


Mycelia is a print magazine based in Glasgow dedicated to the weird and the eerie in literature and visual art.

Issue 4 will feature the following artists and authors:

Annie Schoonover
David Romanda
Amanda Minkkinen
Charles J March III
Colin James
Mauricio Montiel Figueiras
Conor Baird
Ema Pina
Hailey Piper
Ignacio Evangelista
Jack Lawton
Omer Wissman
Sally O’Reilly
Stephen O’Donnell
William Joys
Frank Roger


Trahearne Falvey
Ryan J Smith

Our brand new Editorial Mentorship Programme will see artists Conor Baird and Ema Pina work with the Mycelia Editorial Board during and after the production of Issue 4. We’re very happy about this and excited to be developing this programme!

More news on the contents will be published here in due course.

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