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Issue 1 Contributors

Issue 1 Contributors

Ryan Vance

Ryan Vance is a writer and editor based in Glasgow, with work published in New Writing ScotlandGutter MagazineThe Glasgow Review of Booksand The Dark Mountain. Between 2010 and 2016 he created and edited The Queen’s Head, a speculative fiction magazine. He has edited fiction for, and currently edits reviews for In 2017 he created Queer Words Project Scotland, a mentoring scheme for Scottish writers where queerness isn’t a hurdle to clear, but the qualifying factor. In 2018 it will pair four emerging writers with four professionals to workshop new queer writing and publish an anthology in Spring 2019. / @ryanjjvance

Tara P Woolnough

Tara P Woolnough is a peculiar amalgamation of the elements, clothed in human form. Not long after emerging from her mother’s womb, her very being became embroiled with words, reading and writing – an entanglement that continues until now and informs her vice as an ersatz writer and her subjective experience of so-called reality. As a self-confessed mycophile, she is delighted to be counted among the weird and eerie flora and fauna of Mycelia

David Redford Palmer

The focus of my photographic practice has always been the natural world. As an untrained, self-taught photographer developing a relationship with landscape, inspiration came from artists as diverse as Fay Godwin, Andy Goldsworthy and Thomas Joshua Cooper. However, my particular fascination has been with the details of natural forms. Universal patterns, ambiguity of scale, the fractal essence of systems all provide objects of meditation and subjects to capture. If the devil is in the detail, then so too, surely, is the celestial.

E Saxey

E Saxey works in universities and likes and writes queer fiction. Their previous work includes pieces in The FantasistTranscendent and Unsung Stories. Find them on Twitter: @esaxey | More fiction:

Ade Adesina RSA RGI

Ade Adesina, born in Nigeria 1980, is a full-time printmaker who lives in Aberdeen, Scotland. He studied printmaking at Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen from 2008 graduating in 2012. Ade’s work is a visual commentary on the ideas of ecology and our ever-changing world. He is fascinated by how the human footprint is affecting our planet. Our world is full of wonderful landscapes and Ade wishes to highlight the continual damage caused to them through human activities such as deforestation, the politics of energy consumption, and the endangerment of wild species. He is a traditional printmaker, painter and sculptor. This artist combines cultures, producing work that makes people reflect on the past, present and the future.

Louis Armand

Louis Armand is the author of the novels GlassHouse (2018), The Combinations (2016), Cairo (2014), and Breakfast at Midnight (2012). He lives in Prague.

Alex Kennedy

Alex Kennedy is an art critic and art historian. He is the author of How Glasgow Stole the Idea of Contemporary Art and The Use of Style. His latest book Empty Subjects – Empty Signs is published by Daat Press

Olive M Ritch

Olive M Ritch has been published in literary magazines, anthologies and websites including Poetry Review, Agenda, Gutter, New Writing Scotland, The Poetry Cure, and In Protest: 150 Poems for Human Rights. She has also been broadcast on BBC Radio 4. Her work has received awards during her writing career and her poem, ‘The Hand Game’, was commended in the National Poetry Competition (2003), ‘A Message’ was commended in the International Hippocrates Prize for Poetry and Medicine (2011), and her poem, ‘Beyond Words’, was shortlisted for the Bridport Prize (2008).

Vivienne Chan

Vivienne Chan has a BA (Hons) in Design and Craft, specialising in 3D Design. Taking an experimental materialist approach for her degree’s final project, she created a range of lighting designs that explored themes of light, shadow and colour. As well as developing abstract forms in both 2D and 3D, Vivienne’s work has also focused on CAD for visualising furniture. Her interest in the technical side of creativity inspires her use of image editing software such as Sketsa and Compositor, where she practices creating new works by contrasting and combining shape, line, colour and different arrangements.

Daniel Pietersen

Daniel Pietersen is an author of weird/horror fiction and critical non-fiction, mostly interested in how the nature of horror is reflected in repetition, uncanny presences and eerie absences. His fiction work has appeared in The Audient Voidand Aether & Ichor, with essays on the limit experience in the work of Clive Barker and the eeriness of folk horror, pending publication in Thinking Horror and Revenant, respectively. In April 2018, he presented a paper at Sheffield University on the nature of horror in the D&D module ‘Ravenloft’. Daniel lives in Edinburgh with his wife and their dog.

Tom Byam Shaw

Tom Byam Shaw is a Creative Writing PhD candidate at the University of Aberdeen. He was drawn to the weird at an early age, probably because it triangulated his interest in natural history; his fascination with the esoteric; and his nascent queer identity. For fun he visits aquariums, fish markets and junkyards. He has been active in the open mic scenes of Glasgow, Paris and Aberdeen, and has words in Suma Lima; the Gaudie; as well as a few smaller anthologies. Contact: t.byamshaw.12[at]

Jelle Cauwenberghs

Jelle Cauwenberghs writes poetry and dark fiction. He currently lives in Glasgow.

Ever Dundas

Ever Dundas writes literary fiction, horror, fantasy and sci-fi. Her novel Goblinwon the Saltire First Book of the Year Award 2017. Ever is currently working on her second novel, HellSans, a sci-fi thriller.

Twitter & instagram: @everdundas |

John Dummett

Utilising sculpture, performance and writing, John explores the interplays between different forms of language and how they are read, experienced and translated across multiple forms whether textual, spatial, social or otherwise. Underscoring this approach is the recognition that language, in all its iterations, is a statement on and of ‘publicness’. As an artist John has undertaken projects at the Irish Museum of Modern Art Dublin, Lothringer 13/Laden Munich, Lugar Comum Lisbon and recently at the University of Cumbria. In 2017 he completed a research-as-practice PhD at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design.

Ely Percy

Ely Percy is a Scottish fiction writer, memoirist and epistolarian. Their debut novel Vicky Romeo Plus Joolzis scheduled for publication by Knight Errant Press in February 2019.

Ruairdhri Wright

Ruairdhri Wright is an illustrator and graphic designer from the Highlands of Scotland. He graduated in 2016 from Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen with a first class honours degree in Communication Design and now lives and works from his studio in Edinburgh. Ruairdhri has created artwork for up-and-coming bands and independent filmmakers, as well as for more established clients like Seattle rock band Soundgarden and the Chris & Vicky Cornell Foundation. He’s a great lover of the Rolling Stones, David Lynch films, craft beer and binge-watching Rick & Morty with an endless supply of coffee. See:| Instagram: @ruairdhriwright_illustration

Jenny Lancaster-Symington

Jenny is currently studying for Advanced Highers at Lanark Grammar School. She lives at home with her two mums who encourage her to put her creative work in view of the public eye. She has been writing stories since she could hold a pen and is never found without a notebook to jot some poetry in – some of which she has performed as slam poetry. Despite her mountain of studying she finds time to create short pieces of fiction, as well as developing her current project, which she has been writing, proudly, for over a year now.

Mark Bolsover

Mark is a freelance writer living and working in Edinburgh. He has short experimental prose-poetry published, and forthcoming, in a number of international literary magazines. The piece, ‘eye contact (or,… —an only optical love),’ was a winner of the inaugural Into the VoidPoetry Competition (2016). Mark’s debut chapbook, IN FAILURE & IN RUINS—dreams & fragments, is published with Into the Void Press (Dublin & Toronto, May 2017).