Weird, experimental and literary fiction and art


The deadline has now passed for submissions to Mycelia 002. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to send us material; we will be in touch!

What the weird and the eerie have in common is a preoccupation with the strange. The strange — not the horrific.” Their allure is to do with “a fascination for the outside, for that which lies beyond standard perception, cognition and experience.

— Mark Fisher, The Weird and The Eerie (2016), p. 8.


We may accept work that has been previously published elsewhere. Please check with the editors before submitting.

Simultaneous submissions

We do not accept simultaneous submissions simply because they can result in time being wasted.


All published work is paid for, albeit at our existing admittedly modest rates (we are working on changing this) which for text is 2p/word (for example, a 2000-word piece will receive £40) and for images, the equivalent of 500 words per image (£10 each). Time-based media rates tbc (will be based on recommended rates from societies and organisations representing artists’ and creators’ interests).


Our contracts provide for all rights to be returned to the author or artist of the published work after an initial period of six months during which we retain certain rights. More details can be given if you contact us.